Natasha Naylor

​Natasha Naylor is an experienced Hypnotherapist, who trained and qualified here in her hometown, Brighton. Building upon her degree specializing in counseling psychology; and with over 15 years experience of working with adults with complex special needs, Natasha is skilled in developing trusting relationships with people and empowering them to create positive change.

Hello and Welcome

​My name is Natasha and I live and practise Hypnotherapy in my home town, Brighton along with regular sessions in London. I feel that Hypnotherapy is becoming the preferred choice for personal change, growth and development. Hypnosis is a gentle, natural state of relaxation and when we are deeply relaxed, we by-pass our conscious thoughts and access a deeper unconscious level. When we do this, we can bring about contact with the inner self- tapping into your imagination, creativity, knowledge and unrecognised potential. Working in this way is very powerful and effective; as you will feel empowered and motivated to bring about the changes that you want.


I am passionate about my integrated, solution focussed approach in which clear manageable goals are established from the start. It is exciting to see how clients often experience positive changes in as little as one or two sessions. Often the sessions have a practical element to them as NLP, life coaching, EFT and mindfulness are weaved in. This enables you to develop tangible effective tools to use in your everyday life; in everyday situations thus, regaining and maintaining control long after the hypnotherapy sessions have ended.

There are many myths about hypnosis, such as losing awareness or losing control, but when hypnosis is used in a safe therapeutic setting, it is simply a lovely relaxing enjoyable experience and afterwards, you will feel calm and relaxed.

If you have any queries or questions please to not hesitate to contact me. We can arrange a free telephone consultation at a time that suits you, with no obligations to book any sessions.